New ReproUnion Paper published on scientific reports

Dec/8 By

Nina Mørup, Ph.D. student from Rigshospitalet has in collaboration co-workers from Department of Growth and Reproduction published a new scientific paper entitled: Polymorphisms in JMJD1C are associated with pubertal onset in boys and reproductive function in men.

New Patient Mobility Agreement enables Childless Couple to get Treatment in both Malmø and Copenhagen

Nov/27 By

Both Swedish and Danish patients with certain types of involuntary infertility can now receive specialized treatment in Malmö and Copenhagen.

New Scientific Paper: Male Factor Intertility and Risk of Multiple Sclerosis: A Register-based Cohort Study

Nov/27 By

Clara Helene Glazer, PhD student at the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Bispebjerg hospital recently published a study in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal.

New ReproUnion paper published in Nature Scientific Reports

Nov/23 By

Linn Mamsen, PhD student from Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, Rigshospitalet has published a new scientific paper.

First Steps towards Creating an Artificial Human Ovary.

Nov/16 By

Maja Ramløse is a veterinarian working on a temporary contract at the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology(LRB), Rigshospitalet since September 2017. Maja is involved in several projects at the LRB, including working on bioengineering an ovary. The project aims at developing safe and feasible means of preserving fertility for patients receiving gonadotoxic treatment, as this is currently not possible in all patient groups. Please click on the title to read more.

New Scientific Paper: Use of Non-prescription Analgesics and Male Reproductive Function

Nov/14 By

Birgit Bjerre Høyer, postdoctoral researcher from Dept. of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Bispebjerg Hospital Bispebjerg hospital has in collaboration with Professor Jens Peter Bonde and collaborators published a new scientific paper. Read more by clicking on the title.

Life Style Factors and Male Fertility

Nov/7 By

Semen quality has been suggested to be associated with subsequent morbidity and mortality. The Fertility Clinic at Frederiksberg Hospital examined semen quality of 4,712 men from 1966 to 2010 referred for infertility evaluation, they were traced in the National Patient Registry. Read more about the research project here.

Should Pregnant Women Work at Night?

Nov/1 By

This is the title of the research project Ph.D. student Paula Hammer from Dept. of Occupational and Environmental Medicine from Bispebjerg Hospital will give a presentation on Thursday, November 9, 2017, where we are hosting our monthly ReproUnion Research Seminar. This is a national register-based follow-up study of pregnant women’s health. Read more here.

ESHRE/ReproUnion Fellowship

Oct/24 By

Did you know that ReproUnion in collaboration with ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) provides fellowship funding for science trainees that wishes to work in one of our 13 fertility clinical and research units within the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand of Denmark and Region Skåne in Southern Sweden. Read more here

New Scientific Paper: Diving Into the Oocyte Pool

Oct/23 By

Professor Claus Yding, Postdoc Stine Gry Kristensen and Postdoc Susanne Pors from Laboratory of Reproductive Biology at Rigshospitalet have published a scientific paper presenting possible new strategies for enhancing the quantity of mature oocytes using in vitro activation and in vitro maturation, and current views on autologous oocytes as potential sources of mitochondria to lift performance of compromised oocytes.