First Study to Compare the Efficiency between two Techniques used to Retrieve Sperm in Men with Non-obstructive Azoosperia

Apr/6 By

Herlev and Gentofte Hospital is the first in the world to perform a study comparing two techniques of collecting sperm cells in men that lack sperm cells in sperm fluid (azoospermia).

The 33rd Edition of the Annual European Association of Urology hosted in Copenhagen

Apr/3 By

The European Association of Urology’s annual congress took place in Copenhagen between the 16th -20th of March.  15, 000 urology specialists attended which is the organizations biggest and most important scientific meeting.

Egg Freeezing Techniques have Improved Dramatically in Recent Years

Mar/19 By

In 2013, hundreds of women were pregnant from frozen eggs and fertility clinics expected that 603 children were born.

Why Is Fertility Awareness so Important?

Mar/15 By

Information about fertility awareness helps to fulfil the broader understanding of family planning in the future and now.

The Need to Improve Fertility Awareness

Mar/14 By

Professor Søren Ziebe from ReproUnion was interviewed on national TV yesterday about important factors of fertility and stated that the current development is not sustainable.

ReproUnion PhD Course 2018

Feb/12 By

Last week, ReproUnion hosted a successful four-days PhD course; Reproductive Biology – From Genesis to Baby. Organizers Professor Claus Yding Andersen, Professor Yvonne Giwercman and Postdoc Stine Gry Kristensen welcomed 50 Ph.D. students from Denmark and Sweden.

A Nordic Think Tank for Fertility Awareness

Feb/9 By

A new Nordic collaboration must prevent involuntary infertility.

Congratulations to Dr. Anja Pinborg on her New Position as Medical Manager

Feb/2 By

Congratulation to Doctor and Professor Anja Pinborg on her new position in the Fertility Department at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, where she will be part of the clinic’s management as medical manager with the clinic’s manager, Professor Søren Ziebe.

Kickstarting the first ReproUnion Research Seminar of 2018

Feb/2 By

On February 1st, 2018, ReproUnion held the very first Research Seminar of this year at Medicon Valley Alliance. Around 30 participants joined the seminar. We want to thank our participants

Junior speakers for ReproUnion Research Seminar in February

Jan/10 By

The first ReproUnion Research Seminar of 2018 takes place on February 1st 2018 at Medicon Valley Alliance. Read more about the junior speakers here