Let’s Make Babies & Money

Jun/28 By

The first ReproUnion debate on Folkemødet —with the title of “Let’s Make Babies & Money” followed such questions as why is the decreasing number of fertility a challenge for Europe? How do we secure fertility – now and in the future? How do we get world-class fertility research and treatment?

A Great Achievement for LRB at Rigshospitalet

Jun/23 By

The Laboratory of Reproductive Biology (LRB) at Rigshospitalet celebrates a thousand human ovaries cryopreserved for fertility preservation from 1999-2017.

Interview with PhD candidate Stine Lunding

Jun/23 By

Folkemødet is Denmark’s largest political arena, where politicians, business people and organizations gather to discuss current and future challenges and opportunities of the society. This year, we were invited to host two ReproUnion events in collaboration with European Commission’s representation in Denmark. Read about PhD Stine Lunding’s Folkemødet experience on the big stage, where she presented her research project.

Swetox & ReproUnion Workshop

Jun/20 By

On Monday, June 19, 2017 Swetox and ReproUnion joined forces to host a joint workshop on chemicals and human reproduction.

ReproUnion invites you to join us at this year’s Folkemøde

Jun/13 By

This year, the European Commission is also hosting a series of short presentations at Folkemødet. Stine Lunding, an MD. PhD candidate at the Fertility Clinic at Rigshospitalet, will give a seven-minute presentation of her ReproUnion research project, Auto-transplantation of fragmented ovarian cortical tissue in infertile patients with low ovarian reserve.

ReproUnion debate on Folkemødet 2017

May/24 By

We are pleased to invite you to ReproUnion debate on Folkemødet 2017.

Scientific article about the risk of diabetes according to male factor infertility

May/16 By

Scientific article from ReproUnion partners is just published.

Two days with reproductive medicine are successfully completed

May/15 By

Two days with inspiring speeches and a lot of networking was in focus at the ReproUnion Conference last week.

NordicEpi Lund 2017

May/5 By

The Swedish Epidemiological Association and the SIMSAM research network welcome you to NordicEpi Lund 2017, the 8th Nordic Meeting in Epidemiology and Register-Based Research in Lund on September 13 – 15 2017.

Reproductive Life Plan

May/3 By

Tanja Tydén¸ who is a senior professor in reproductive health at the Department of Women´s and Children’s Health at Uppsala University talks about reproductive life plan.