Excitement and cross boarder collaboration at the ReproUnion kick-off conference!

Apr 4, 2016

On March 31st, 2016, ReproUnion had invited all interests to a kick-off conference at Hilton, Copenhagen Airport, the first get-together for all partners in the EU founded project. The conference room at Hilton was full of eager and excitement for the day’s presentations and networking.

Petter Hartman, Head of the Management Unit and CEO of Medicon Valley Alliance, was very thrilled about the day: “ReproUnion has been in the pipeline for some time, and I’m so proud that the project is finally in progress. I hope that everyone in the room will leave with a feeling of collaboration and encouragement in the project. I hope to see the Region as a frontrunner for cross border collaboration.”

The program included great presentations from both politicians, researchers and professors. The Chairman of Greater Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen and the Chairman of the Healthcare Committee SUS in Region Skåne, Joakim Sandell, each gave a presentation. They made it clear to everyone in the room, how important the Danish and Swedish collaboration is, and how the specialized expertise on both sides of Oresund comes in action when using common resources in the Oresund Region.

Joakim Sandell, Chairman of the Healthcare Committee SUS, Region Skåne.

Joakim Sandell, Chairman of the Healthcare Committee SUS, Region Skåne. Foto: Ida Wang

Besides the political speeches, some of the professors and researchers gave a short presentation about their individual research project. From projects about male and female infertility as a precursor of chronic disease and mortality to research on the relation between exposure to air pollution and preeclampsia. The presentations introduced different research areas and showed the importance of the collaboration and synergies between the many projects on both sides of Oresund:

”The Kick Off yesterday was successful in many ways, but I think most importantly it framed the wonderful and promising synergy created by different clinics, research units and regions – all working together to overcome infertility. This synergy paves the way of the many exciting initiatives and enables realization of large multicenter studies like the RIOT study originated here from Unit of Reproductive Medicine in Herlev/Gentofte Hospital. I am very excited to be a part of the ReproUnion family.” Said Agnieszka K. Warzecha, doctor and Ph.D. student at Herlev Hospital, Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

By the end of the day, the spirit was high and the eager of working cross boarder in the ReproUnion project was even bigger:

The kick-off fulfilled my expectations to more than 100%. Perhaps, the most encouraging was to see the many young researchers, full of energy and commitment, so beautifully presenting their projects live and on the screen. ReproYoung gives a good hope of a brilliant ReproFuture for the Oresund Region – both as considers patient management and world class research and development.” Said Aleksander Giwercman, Professor at Lund University, Department of Translational Medicine Malmö.

From the Management Unit, we are delighted over the many positive comments on the day, and we look forward to invite you to new activities in the ReproUnion project.


Stine Gry Kristensen, PostDoc, Rigshospitalet, Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, introducing ReproYoung. Foto: Ida Wang