ReproYoung Seminar with Professor David Albertini

Jun 19, 2018 | News

Today we hosted our last ReproUnion research seminar before the summer holidays. The seminar was hosted by ReproYoung – a group of young scientists in ReproUnion. We were very fortunate to have professor David Albertini from the U.S doing four sessions for us today. Professor Albertini is an internationally recognized scientist and educator in the field of reproductive biology and medicine.

We would like to thank Professor Albertini for his contribution to the development of reproductive medicine in Greater Copenhagen and to the education of young scientists.

On the photo, you see professor Albertini, Stine Gry Kristensen, postdoc, and chairperson of ReproYoung and professor Claus Yding Andersen. 

Renowned human reproductive specialist has passed away

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