Professor and ReproUnion Board Member Encourages the Danish Government to Increase the Economic Support to Treat Infertility

Jun 20, 2018

Danish Regions are in discussion to harmonize the health regulations for when women can receive medical treatment for infertility.

This pleases Professor Søren Ziebe, head of the Fertility Clinic at University Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, however, it is not enough.

– When you ask people what their biggest moment in life is, most people answer; to become a parent.

Prof. Ziebe believes we should spend more money to help more people achieve their biggest moments in life.

– It is an affordable treatment and it makes families happy.

Today, the Danish government spends 0,2% of its healthcare budget on treating infertility, at the same time, according to an assessment, 16-20 % of all couples will experience an infertility illness.

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