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From the White House to Lund with the Cancer Moonshot project

Nov 11, 2020

In his final State of the Union Address in 2016, President Obama called on then Vice President Biden to lead a new, national “Moonshot” initiative to eliminate cancer as we know it. Joe Biden travelled around the world to engage experts and launch new collaborations to speed up advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

“I had the pleasure to meet Joe Biden at a Cancer Moonshot meeting in Dublin shortly after the decision to make Lund the home of the European Cancer Moonshot Center. He was a driving-force in establishing the largest international cancer initiative of all times and we congratulate Joe Biden on the successful election to become the next US President,” says Professor Johan Malm, who is also part of ReproUnion’s executive board.

The European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center works for an increased understanding of the role that proteins are playing in the development of cancer. “In the context of ReproUnion we collaborate to identify new testosterone biomarkers of importance to future treatment of prostate cancer. Secondly, we collaborate on the mapping of protein in follicular fluid from ovarian tissue, which may have a future impact when treating women in risk of ovarian cancer,” explains Johan Malm, who works closely with Professor György Marko Varga at Lund University.

On the 8th of December György Marko Varga will present the European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center at the Oncology Network meeting, which is facilitated by Medicon Valley Alliance and chaired by Johan Malm.

“With Joe Biden’s influence on this initiative, it is even more exiting to present under the headline of personalized medicine for cancer patients and the combined approach of genomics, proteomics and clinical data,” says Professor György Marko Varga. His presentation at the network meeting will be followed by ReproUnion colleague Professor Eva Hoffmann on the topic ‘Whole-genome sequencing, mutational signatures and interventions in cancer therapy’.

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