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Young men take fertility for granted

Dec 21, 2020

As part of ReproUnion in 2018, Gritt Marie Hviid Malling initiated a study, which was published in Human Fertility in March 2020. The findings are presented at ReproUnion’s Fertility Awareness webinar on the 2nd of February 2021.

“In this qualitative study we wanted to explore childless young men’s reflections on fertility and infertility, and we found out that few had considered their own fertility and that the men had inadequate knowledge about factors that can potentially impair male and female fertility, including sexually transmitted infections,” says Gritt Marie Hviid Malling, Research Fellow at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

Most previous studies about fertility knowledge and attitudes among men have been based on quantitative methods, using questionnaires with fixed-choice response options. In this study 17 Danish and 12 Swedish childless men at the age of 20-30 years were interviewed.

“The results of this study highlight the need for educational strategies to improve young men’s knowledge about fertility and the factors that influence it,” concluded Gritt Marie Hviid Malling in her summary of the study.

Here is the publication in Human Fertility: Taking fertility for granted – a qualitative exploration of fertility awareness among young, childless men in Denmark and Sweden.

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