The 38th Annual Meeting of ESHRE in Milan featured results from ReproUnion supported PhDs and posters

Aug 1, 2022

The 38th annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), held in Milan, welcomed an audience of over 10 000 to discuss innovations within reproductive science and medicine. ReproUnion was well represented during the conference, with several professors and researchers attending.

In a crowded conference room, Nathalie Bülow and Liv la Cour Poulsen presented results from the ReproUnion-supported RIOT studies – a collaboration between fertility clinics at Herlev Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, and Rigshospitalet. Nathalie first presented the results from the RIOT-A clinical trial, testing the co-treatment of Letrozole to reduce the impact of ovarian stimulation. Next, Liv elaborated on the results of the RIOT-B study, which further investigated the effects of Letrozole co-treatment on endocrinology and follicle development in women undergoing ovarian stimulation in an antagonist protocol. The combined findings resulted in a publication in the Human Reproduction journal.

Sacha Stormlund also presented her publication titled “Freeze-all versus fresh blastocyst transfer strategy during IVF” which marked the successful completion of her ReproUnion-supported PhD, which you can read more about here.

Finally, Randi Sylvest’s poster was selected for e-presentation at the conference. The poster highlighted findings from a qualitative study carried out as part of ReproUnion’s fertility awareness umbrella initiative, aiming to answer the question – How do we talk to teenagers and young adults about fertility?

In 2023 ESHRE’s 39th Annual Meeting will take place in Copenhagen on the 25-28th of June, which will be an excellent opportunity to highlight the strengths of reproductive medicine in the Medicon Valley Region.