Fertility rates in Europa have declined below those needed to ensure generation replacement. This is a topic of great societal concern. In both Sweden and Denmark, the fertility rate is below two per woman. Delayed parenthood to advanced age is the most important factor for difficulties in having children. Between 15 and 20 pct. of all couples require assisted reproduction treatment making infertility as common as e.g. diabetes.

Today, infertility is recognised by the WHO as a disease. In spite of revolutionary developments in the techniques for assisted reproduction, the “baby take home rate” is still below 30 pct., with declining success rate with increasing age. Thus, more efficient, personalized and cost-efficient treatment regimens are required.

Therefore, ReproUnion’s goal is to offer the patients in the Oresund Region the best treatment and care with the highest professional quality. The main focus is development of treatment, counselling and prevention. It is important to increase the understanding of the factors that affect the chances of having children because a successful prevention largely involves influencing behaviors.

We will continue and enlarge the concept of “Fertility Counseling” to three more clinics as well as continue the collaboration agreement allowing free motility for some categories of patients with reproductive disorders.

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