The procedure of booking a Professor is as following:

1. Book a Professor by using the online booking form.
2. After the booking is received in the system, it receives the status pending.
3. At status pending, the booking request is being handled by the ReproUnion Management Unit. At this stage, the team will clarify if the Professor requested is available for the booking and follow up, if there is any need for clarifications.
4. Once the request is clarified, it is either confirmed or cancelled.
5. If the request is confirmed, the contact person on the booking will be contacted by either the ReproUnion Management Unit or the Professor for further dialogue and an agreement. If cancelled, the contact person will receive an email with the information of why the booking was cancelled.

If you have questions regarding “book a Professor” or need more information of any of the Professors in the ReproUnion program – beyond what you can find here on our webpage – feel free to contact the ReproUnion Management Unit.

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