Welcome to the ReproUnion SUMMIT – an exciting day with inspiring talks, dialogue, and networking for ReproUnion partners and our contacts in the field of reproductive medicine and (in)fertility.

We are meeting to hear and discuss how multi-disciplinary collaboration drives innovation in reproductive health now and in the future. The SUMMIT is the closing conference of the 2019-2022 EU/Interreg ÖKS-funded programme period and regional politicians and ReproUnion researchers will connect results so far with the thoughts on a ReproUnion beyond 2022.

We will hear perspectives on how ReproUnion supports collaboration for the benefit of preventing and treating infertility, and we are excited that Camilla from the ReproUnion film will share a patient perspective with journalist and moderator Tine Gøtzsche.

Finally, the SUMMIT highlights the importance of attracting, and fostering research talent and in the afternoon, we launch a film on how ReproUnion is working to build the next generation of reproductive researchers for the benefit of all partners in the public-private partnership, and society at large.

The SUMMIT is organised by ReproUnion’s Management Unit, run by Medicon Valley Alliance, who during 25 years has worked for the benefit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the Øresund region’s life science community.