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Improvement of Human Male Fertility

Challenge 2:


Optimizing Medically Assisted Reproductive Treatment

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Securing Female Ovarian Function​

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Prevention of Infertility-related Morbidity​

Challenge 5:​

Fertility Awareness

Partnership Agreement signed for ReproUnion 2.0

ReproUnion 2.0 marks the beginning of a new research and innovation paradigm within reproductive medicine in Greater Copenhagen. With seven signatures on the formal agreement, the partnership stands ready to continuously use the regional innovation force, international collaboration partners, and the triple-helix structure as leverage in its effort to solve five major global reproductive challenges, which are of great individual and social concern.

”It is fascinating to see that ReproUnion has become a well-known brand among other European and even American researchers in reproductive medicine. This development is very positive and important in our efforts to include internationally leading research centers in the ReproUnion collaboration,” comments Aleksander Giwercman, Professor at Lund University and ReproUnion Executive Board member.

The signing partners are the Universities of Copenhagen, Lund and Malmö, Region Hovedstaden (DK), Region Skåne (SE), Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Medicon Valley Alliance.

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Fertility Awareness Webinar: Indications, intentions and attitudes towards family formation

02 Feb 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM at

Patient Mobility Agreement

The success of the ReproUnion facilitated Patient Mobility Agreement between Denmark and Sweden may lay the foundation for more bilateral health services between the two neighboring countries.

In 2017, the Patient Mobility Agreement enabled childless couples with certain types of infertility problems to receive specialized treatment within a field of expertise that is not available in their home country in Malmö and Copenhagen area. Today, 40 Danish and Swedish patients have already made use of the patient mobility agreement.

Chairman of the Regional Council of Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen also believes that there are great benefits of cooperation with Sweden for both Danish and Swedish patients.

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