From the White House to Lund with the Cancer Moonshot project

In his final State of the Union Address in 2016, President Obama called on then Vice President Biden to lead a new, national “Moonshot” initiative to eliminate cancer as we know it. The European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center was established and ReproUnion board member, Professor Johan Malm, had the pleasure to meet Joe Biden.

Highlights from the journey towards creating a human artificial ovary

ReproUnion’s challenge 3 is building detailed knowledge of ovarian function towards the ultimate aim of creating a human artificial ovary within a ten-year period. This includes methods to mature oocytes outside the body (IVM), which is contributing to set the agenda worldwide

Publication in BMJ marks Sacha Stomlund’s successful completion of her ReproUnion funded PhD

460 women from Denmark, Sweden and Spain participated in the study, which shows similar ongoing pregnancy rates after frozen compared to fresh embryo transfer.

ESHRE’s first virtual conference showcases ReproUnion-supported research and fertility counselling service

On the 5th of July, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) kicked off its 36th Annual Meeting as a virtual conference with 12,191 participants from all over the world.

New EMBO member – Congratulations to ReproUnion Board Member Eva Hoffmann

Eva Hoffmann is one of the 63 leading scientists from 25 countries, who have been bestowed the lifetime honour of EMBO Membership in recognition of their remarkable research achievements.

Study shows no association between the use of protein supplements and semen quality characteristics

On the 6th of May, Fertility & Sterility under the American Society of Reproductive Medicine published the study, which used data from the Fetal Programming of Semen Quality (FEPOS) cohort, co-funded by ReproUnion.

ReproUnion researchers successfully defend their PhD projects

Fostering the next generation of researchers is vital to meet the future demands of managing and preventing infertility problems. In 2015-18 ReproUnion supported 24 research projects.

microRNAs can be potential new markers of testicular cancer

On the 10th of March, ReproUnion researchers, Nina Mørup and Kristian Almstrup published a review article in the prominent journal Nature Reviews Urology. The authors summarise how microRNAs can be potential new markers of testicular cancer.

Patient mobility agreement continues to offer cross-border reproductive treatments

One of the highlights for ReproUnion in 2019 was the renewal of the patient mobility agreement between the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Skåne. This will enable more patients to receive specialized reproductive treatment across the Danish/Swedish border.

Collaboration needed to turn around the negative fertility trend

Regional Chairmen and Deans in Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen stand behind ReproUnion in this opinion article, which Dagens Medicin in Sweden published in December 2019. It,highlights the concerning infertility statistics, as well as the need to continue involving new collaboration partners to address prevention and develop new reproductive treatments. Click on to read the full article (in Swedish).

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