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Political agreement: ReproUnion is a unique collaboration for the patients in the Øresund Region

Aug 23, 2016

Last Friday, on August 19, 2016, ReproUnion held a panel discussion at Mötesplats Skåne in Malmø. The panel discussion had a clear key message: ReproUnion is a unique collaboration that offers the patients the best treatments within reproductive medicine.

Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson, Dean at Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, was very excited about the project and had her focus on the research collaborations that have been started within ReproUnion: “In this collaboration, we can learn from each other across Øresund.”

The two politicians in the discussion, Anna-Lena Hogerud, Chair of Health and Medical Care in Skåne, and Gitte Simoni, member of the Regional Council in Region Zealand and member of the Hospital Committee, were also very supportive for the ReproUnion project.

Gitte Simoni was focused on the synergies within the ReproUnion collaboration that connect the best competences in the Region: “We can offer the patients the best treatment, when we collaborate cross border. The experiences we have gained from the other hospitals in the ReproUnion project have resulted in better treatments for our patients.”

Anna-Lena Hogerud was also very enthusiastic about ReproUnion and the Danish-Swedish collaboration: “ReproUnion is a fantastic example of a cross border collaboration. Both nations need to take responsibility for the future generations, this includes having more children. I’m very impressed with ReproUnion, and we can absolutely become world leading in overcoming infertility.”

ReproUnion was enjoyed being part of Mötesplats Skåne, and we look forward to present a new debate in 2017.