Woman gets refrozen transplanted ovary after giving birth to twins

Jun 28, 2017

Recently, the Novo Nordisk Foundation found the work from post doc Stine Gry Kristensen and colleagues at the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology at Rigshospitalet interesting enough to make a small video and article, which were published on their news site,

Women with ovarian cancer can now get the ovarian removed and later re-inserted, when they wish to have children. As the ovary increases the risk of having cancer again, Danish doctors are the first in the world to remove an already transplanted ovary – after the woman, Susanne Hansen, had given birth to twins. The research shows that the frozen ovary still contained eggs, which means, the woman could have more children.

Read and watch the wonderful story of Susanne Hansen and her twin boys on Science, here

Below, you can watch the video, where Professor Claus Yding Andersen and post doc Stine Gry Kristensen explain about the new method.