New ReproUnion Survey: Young Men Wants to Delay Parenthood – Prioritizes Education and Career Prior to Having Children

Jul 30, 2018

A new survey from ReproUnion in collaboration with Uppsala University in Sweden shows that young men want to delay parenthood and having children and instead focus on having an education and career. The research assistant, Gritt Marie Hviid Malling from Department of Public Health at Copenhagen University is behind the survey. Gritt has interviewed 29 young childless men in Denmark and Sweden asking them about their thoughts of having children.

– It is a general trend that more men get an education, enter the workforce and travel before they start having children, Gritt says.
According to the researcher, the men’s age is not as important as for women, but there are studies indicating that men’s fertility also declines after the age of 40-45. Gritt advises that it is not only important to inform men about the risk factors of male infertility but to also inform them about the risk factors of female infertility.

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