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ReproUnion scientist to investigate the effects of using frozen eggs

May 27, 2019

Anja Pinborg has received a 5-year Clinical Distinguished Investigator grant of DKK 8 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to realize the project Health in Childhood Following Assisted Reproductive Technology (HiCART).

Children conceived using in vitro fertilization with frozen eggs often weigh slightly more at birth than other children and may also have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The HiCART research group is now going to find out why. 


In the ReproUnion project Anja is on the scientific board of challenge 2, which aims to improve and personalize current treatments, optimize laboratory protocols and innovate novel assisted reproductive technologies.

“The experience from the ReproUnion project has enabled me to build the multidisciplinary HiCART collaboration and both projects will benefit from synergies related to the collection of data and biological material from very large cohorts”.
Anja mentions this is the only place in the world where researchers have received such a large grant to study the cardiovascular system and metabolism among children born after assisted reproduction.

“A grant of this size means that we can carry out a comprehensive project and get to the bottom of this topic. It is tremendously important for our research group and for the collaboration I have with other researchers, including those in the ReproUnion project,” concludes Anja Pinborg.

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