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RUBIC launches new website and two films

Nov 20, 2020

End of October 2020 the ReproUnion Biobank & Infertility Cohort (RUBIC) launched films and the website to enhance the dialogue with infertile couples interested in the research project.

“We are pleased that we can now refer couples to more information when they express interest in RUBIC. In Skåne 65 couples have accepted to participate and their motivation is aligned with the message in the film. They feel they can play an important role, when it comes to identifying causes of infertility and enabling the development of better treatments and counselling,” says Professor Aleksander Giwercman, who together with Chief Physician Margareta Kitlinski is responsible for RUBIC in Sweden.

The goal for the biobank is to collect information and samples from a cohort of 5000 Danish and Swedish couples during the next 6-8 years. The first couples joined the RUBIC project in June 2020 and since then 122 men and 57 women have been enrolled on the Danish side.

“We appreciate the new resources and will use the ‘Key to better fertility’ film in our first communication with couples, who are referred to fertility treatment at a public clinic in the Capital Region of Denmark. And then we have the second film about the process, once a couple has accepted to participate,” says Professor Anja Pinborg, who is responsible for RUBIC in Denmark, together with Professor Henriette Svarre Nielsen and Niels Jørgensen, Chief Physician at the Department for Growth and Reproduction, who is seeing all the men enrolled in the study on the Danish side.

The website and films are in Swedish and Danish versions to better target the couples in each country and accommodate differences in the patient flow. “In Sweden we introduce RUBIC to couples, already when they are in the process of being diagnosed for infertility. And if they want to participate, we will book times for tests of the man and woman at the same consultation at Reproduktionsmedicinskt Centrum in Malmö,” explains Margareta Kitlinski.

Here you can view all versions of the film and choose subtitles in either English, Danish or Swedish.

RUBIC - The key to better fertility
RUBIC - What is the process?