Reproductive Medicine Across Borders

When asking young people, most envision a life with children, but reproductive challenges affect up to 25% of couples in Scandinavia. Every 8th woman never becomes a mother, and every 5th man never becomes a father.
With a new research and innovation paradigm within reproductive medicine in the Øresund Region, ReproUnion wants to meet current and future demands of preventing, managing, and treating infertility. Infertility is recognized as a disease by the WHO, but despite revolutionary developments in the techniques for assisted reproduction, the success rate is still below 30%.

ReproUnion drives fertility collaboration across borders and disciplines between academia, hospitals, and industry. Our aim is to understand the underlying reasons of infertility and to personalise and improve fertility treatment. We also work on preventive initiatives to ensure that the society and young people are equipped with the right information to make informed choices about family planning.


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