RIOT-B study is an extensive explorative part of the randomized placebo-controlled study RIOT-A.

33 out of the 130 patients enrolled in the RIOT-A study have undergone a course of intensive monitoring in first a natural cycle, then a subsequent RIOT-A treatment cy
cle and finally a follow-up.

The key parameters measured in this study are various autocrine, paracrine and endocrine factors and their role in cyclic follicle recruitment, the interaction between ovarian stimulation and disruption of follicle recruitment induced by these hormonal factors and subsequently how suppression of supra-physiological estradiol with an aromatase inhibitor influences the endocrine environment.

Autocrine factors are chemical substances from endocrine cells, that bind to receptors on the same cell that produces them. Paracrine function is hormone function in which the effects of the hormone are restricted to the local environment. Endocrine function is defined as a physiological effect of a hormone in tissues in another part of the body.

This study was performed at Herlev Hospital and has generated a very unique dataset and biobank, which are currently being processed.

The findings from this study will improve our knowledge about how ovarian stimulation and follicle maturation and recruitment are controlled by changes in the hormonal milieu under normal and hyper-stimulation regimens. This understanding is key to our future optimization and safety of IVF treatments.

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