ReproUnion 2.0 Challenges

Science is the key to overcoming infertility

ReproUnion aims at strengthening the research within reproductive medicine in the Oresund region. A key factor is to identify synergies, which will enhance the already existing research and develop it to a new level. This entails finding new collaboration opportunities across research fields, but it is equally important to identify collaboration partners across the Oresund bridge, to connect and develop competences in the region. 

Ultimately, ReproUnion wants to solve five major global challenges within reproductive medicine, by bringing together basic, clinical, and epidemiological research in a Challenge-based concept. We encourage you to find out more about each of the five reproductive challenges:

Challenge 1

Improvement of human male fertility

Challenge 2

Optimizing medically assisted reproductive treatment

Challenge 3

Securing female ovarian function

Challenge 4

Prevention of infertility-related morbidity

Challenge 5

Fertility Awareness

With this Challenge-based concept, ReproUnion is strengthening the collaboration between the universities, hospitals and the life science industry in the Oresund region, creating the best possible conditions for life science research and innovation based on one of the region’s scientific strongholds; reproductive medicine. Together, we can overcome infertility!