Overview of Science Pages

ReproScience is initiating over 20 new cross-border projects with more than 20 new research positions in order to overcome infertility. ReproScience’s objective is to create a High Competence Centre in reproductive medicine. This requires an enhanced cooperation between the Danish and Swedish research groups. Therefore, we are initiating over 20 new cross-border projects during the project period with more than 20 new research positions. This will connect the Oresund region’s main competencies and strengthen the scientific quality. In the long term this will keep the region world leading in managing and preventing infertility problems. Historically, the Oresund region – also known as Medicon Valley – has a high international position within reproductive medicine in relation to patient management and research. However, there is a need to strengthen the collaboration between the partners at hospitals, universities and industry, in order to maintain and develop the field. ReproUnion represents more than 50 PhD students and approximately 30 senior researchers. The clinics who are partners of ReproUnion have access to large patient materials, including 4000 IVF/ICSI cycles per year, 1500 seeking andrological management and 6000 semen analyses. The key clinical competences include:

  • High standard IVF and ICSI treatment including use of recent methods for embryo selection
  • Extended evaluation of the male partner in order to find the best treatment options for the couple and prevent long term squeal of infertility
  • Sperm DNA analysis
  • Andrological surgery and treatment of ejaculatory dysfunction
  • Gonadal cryopreservation
  • Gamete donation
  • Assessment and counselling regarding environmental reproductive risks at the individual and the group level

With these competences, we are able to overcome infertility together. Watch the videos with the senior researchers and learn more about their visions for the ReproUnion project.